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Been in hiatus mode since last year. I may not go to any more FocusFest events, but I'll never stop improving my pride and joy. Here is a sneak peak of what I have been working on since last year:
-Corner weighed, 65%FR 35%RR with near perfect left and right balance, with a perfect 2500lbs exact.
-Injectors have been upgraded to Nissan Skyline GTS 550CC flow matched.
-Added two catch cans one for ventilation for both banks and the other for PCV system.
-Coolant system fixed with proper pressure caps and sealed reservoir, before there was hardly any pressure in the whole system.
-Replaced the header panel and modified to fit radiator, old one was just about non-existent and only on each headlight individually causing headlight alignment issues as well as a non-sturdy bumper. (not pictured yet, just finished yesterday)
-Boost increased from 9psi to 12psi now that I have larger injectors, before was 290CC maxed out and system running lean on top end.
-2003 style bumper cover with a ST emblem added for a more modern look, whole car will be dipped red shortly.

Here is a teaser pic for now:
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