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Zetec Valve cover Q.

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Okay I was at my local junk yard looking for a seatbelt for my mother-in-laws Ranger, looked for some any Zetec foci, but there was only a banged up D-tec, then I noticed some Mercury's lined up and seen that they had some with the Zetec motor.

The Valve cover was different then my wifes, hers is black with the Zetec logo on it, but the ones in the Merc's were silver looking with the 16 valve logo on it.

I like it better I want to know if I can swap it out? Or whould it damage or lower the cars perfromance?

I should post this else where , but when I was leaving I check out that D-tec focus and seen it had a set of Eibach springs on it, but dont know if they are still good or not? How could I find out?
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1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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