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Hey Guys,
My kid bought a 2002 zx3 with MTX.
The car had a blown motor,was priced really well and had a ton of aftermarket parts to go with it.
He,being an overzealous teen,tore into the Car removing the bad block.
The Car would still run before removing the motor.
Got a running donor motor,swapped it in and nothing.
The Car turns over but wont fire.
Turns out,there is power to the coil,but no spark and the fuel pump has power but isn't working.(Replaced fuel pump,same result)
Had the Car taken to the Ford dealer and they are telling us the "The Top of the PCM nearest the calibration point" is missing......What are they talking about???
No parts of the ECU were removed......
Does anyone have any ideas?
This is stressing our family out beyond belief....kid driving wife's truck,She is driving my beater zx3 and I am forced to put miles on my ST.....I am the bad guy for buying a car with blown motor that he cannot drive....[smackbum]
At a complete loss.....need HELP.

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I can't decipher anything from that quote, the most common "won't run, no spark" problem I've seen here with a swap like that is using an ATX crank sensor/mount on an MTX car.

No good electrical signal from the crank sensor & the PCM has no info. to work from.
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