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zetec Rover 220 Turbo Intake Manifold

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SORRY TO COPY AND PASTE YOUR OLD ADD K Dog, but I have this same manifold available for sale, it will come complete with both fuel rails, harnesses, hardware I got with it and also the 8 injectors it came with! Mine is identical ,plus my xtras ,to the one pictured in K Dog's (massive) add, in 2010. But I should have pictures up soon or a link with them.
UBER EURO MEGA RARE Rover 220 Turbo Intake Manifold. Adapting these to fit the Zetec across the pond is all the rage. Mid length runners with a smaller side entrance plenum. Looks bitchin and different - and makes GREAT power for your turbo setup - your stock intake manifold has ridiculous 21" runners which will prevent any real top end power. Ports line up PERFECT to Zetec (though the injectors are moved further back so the top arch in the factory Zetec head becomes unnecessary - a true baller would epoxy/fill weld those out of the head). Comes with IAT sensor, fuel rail and TB plate. You'll need to fab an adaptor to bolt up, or purchase one from Ferriday ( or this fellow on ( In great shape.

$400 + $10 shipping
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