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Zetec Block, SVT head, ATX Transmission??

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Recently aquired a low mileage Zetec block and atx transmission that were pulled from a 2002 Foci with approx 50k on it. My Foci is approaching almost 75k and it's not exactly running as smooth as it used to, so the idea of a rebuild has been about my thoughts for a while now. But not 100hp at the wheels with the stock atx zetec.. I need some power. I also want to drive an automatic.. I do enjoy banging the gears in a manual, but for ease of operation in a daily driver, I prefer an auto.

I've done some searching, and was just wondering if all this was possible.. a stock zetec block with SVT head and cams, with vct delete paired to an upgraded atx transmission (valvebody and converter) with ported '00 intake manifold and 65mm throttle body and either a SVT header/cat combo or if money ends up being tight an OBX 4-2-1. Question is, will all this "bolt" together with minimal modification to parts? What other parts from the SVT will I need to run the head?

Second would have to be about what ecu to run and getting this baby tuned. The SVT ecu isn't programmed to run the atx, so from what I understand I'll have to use the stock ecu.. correct? Any tricks to getting the stock ecu to work with the SVT head? How much tuning would I need after getting everything bolted together and running? Would it be as simple as changing shift points, or are there other things I have to worry about?

And please.. no flaming. You might not like my idea and that's fine, but I don't care to hear about it.

Thanks in advance for all the help.
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svt head needs the svt intake manifold, which needs an svt intake.

I think the stock ecu would work if you modified the cam position sensor on the svt intake cam, modified as in switch it over

You really should get a full custom tune with air/fuel and spark because the svt cams are so much bigger and the head a lot more efficient you will be running really lean.

definitely change shift points and increase line pressure.
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