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Are these fenders worth getting?

  • No, these things are ludicrous.

    Votes: 15 50.0%
  • Yes, very Cool, Put'em ON!

    Votes: 15 50.0%
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IMO (and it is just MY oppinion.. and probably a lot of other peoples too), all this z3 fender, evo body kit BS is exactly that... BS. if people want their cars to have the same things as the cars these parts are modeled after, then spend the money and get the real thing.

z3 fenders on anyhting but a z3, dont make cars any faster, they dont serve a purpose, and honestly (even on the z3), theyre just plain ugly. but like i said, thats just my oppinion.

im all for minor body mods, keeping the stock lines, but giving a more aggressive look.. performance should always come first... then worry about looks later... besides, isnt it more fun smoking cars in a car that came from the factory slow, and still looks slow?

im done... im off to bed, its ben a long night.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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