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WTB 03' 04' Focus SVT EAP CLEAN

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I'm looking to buy a focus perferably:
-Low mileage
-Clean, Taken care of
-Stock for the most part
-Zx5, Zx3 if its nice enough
-Comp Orange!!! Black is good too, silver is okay
I've got a decent budget, and really want to give one of these cars a good home. Please text me at 757-567-7977, or at [email protected].
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You might be better off just trying to find ANY SVT that isn't beat up, then add parts you want...recaros, HIDS, etc. Not saying all, but most SVTs are beat up and abused after being 10-12 years old, so unless you are willing to pay someone's ridiculous premium for a "diamond in the rough" kind of car, maybe just look for ANY well-maintained SVT. I would start with SlowestSVT's...whether you take it with or without the JRSC, its a clean car. Recaros, HIDS, etc can come later from everyone and their cousins parting out SVTs to try to make more money then selling them whole.

Just my thoughts.
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