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This is my first post, I hope to be thorough. About two months ago I got a wrench light. The first time it happened it felt like the car was suffocating, I was blipping an upshift to take a turn and the car was bucking. After the turn it drove fine but the wrench light came on. I had read many forum threads here and on FJ. I got the inmpression that it would be TB related. I changed the TPS, my A104 spark plugs that had 10k+ miles, and did a general tune up. Went to see my brother-in-law who does Ford service write ups. After several hours they came back that it was Circuit B failure or P0833, possibly related to a clutch sensor. Just replaced that this weekend that passed. Light came back, but the car feels better, maybe better than new with all the things I have cleaned. Do I need to have Ford clear the code?
2011 D20 w/ MTX-75
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