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Just a little write up about fixing this Camera on my 2006 ZX5 (w/ GFX Appearance Package).

It was quite a bit of work. I got it from Costco just yesterday and spent the whole afternoon putting it in.

The most complicated procedure is to hide the wire perfectly.

Well, below are a few steps to get it done *clean*...

1. Remove the trunk cover, leave your left rear door open and have your left back seat bend over. Remove your license plate. You will see a few tiny holes along the plastic bar (where the license plate lights are). Also open your trunk and remove the panel (covering your wiper and stuff). There are 4 screws, just remove them and pull the whole panel out. There are about 6 clips holding the panel to the trunk door. Use a bit of force, but careful not to break the plastic.

2. Once the panel and license plate are removed, pull the rear camera wire through the small hole (closest to the left license plate light). Pull the wire through the hole. Also there will be some kinda sponge along the plastic bar. Make a small opening so that the wire can be run into the hole of the left license plate light. Now remove the top plastic frame of the trunk door. It is only held by clips.

3. Once you get the wire into that license plate light hole, pull the wire right into the inside of your car. Run the wire along the side of the rear window, all the way up to the roof. You will see a hole where all the wiper cables runs from the trunk door into the car body. Stuff this wire into that hole.

4. There is a rubber tube with all the cable runs into the car. Use a small flat screw driver to detach the rubber tube running from the trunk door to the roof (the tube is only held by clips on both the side, use a bit of force, but careful not to break the rubber).

5. Now the most annoying part is to get this camera wire into the tube and into the roof of the car. I seriously don't know how to write out the procedure, but what I suggest is once you get the rubber tube detached on both side, this step is a bit easier. But mind you, there isn't much space in this tube.

6. Remove the rear part of the interior roof. Reminder *This is only made of paper, so be real careful not to rip it.* Once the paper is out (you just need a gap). Pull the wire over and run it along the left side of the car. At this step, you will need to remove the plastic on the left of the trunk (where your left rear seat belt is located). Your left rear seat should be down and door should be opened. There are 5 screw holding this plastic. Unscrew all of them. Remove the cover covering the sear belt by sliding it out towards the direction of the seat belt. Remove the plastic by pulling it out (towards the right of the car). Use a bit of force again, because there are 2 clips holding it onto the body. Becareful of the trunk light. Remove it.

7. After this is out. You will see a bunch of cables. (on my car, Black is the -ve and Green with Black is the +ve of the rear light) You can double check by removing your rear light to see the rear light cable color. from inside the trunk, cut an opening along the rear light cables. Connect the camera wire (red) to the (green/black) of the car and (black) to (black). Now, your camera is connected and will be turned on once reverse gear is enguaged.

8. Put everything back in reverse order.

9. Now comes the screen wiring. You can either use the lighter socket cable that is provided as the power for the screen. This is a very simple step and I won't be going through.

10. But I didn't use that cable. Because sometimes, I need that lighter power source for my laptop. Therefore, I used the other cable which they provide. The instruction asked you to connect it to the fuse box to tap the power, however, I don't know which wire is which in the fuse box. To make thing simplier, I use the back of the lighter as my power source. Anyway, the cable given was long enough to do anything.

11. I placed the screen on the left of the steering wheel. Therefore, I ran the wire on the side of the door. Removing the lower covering the steering wheel by removing the 4 screws holding it. From the side of the door, I pull the wire right across the steering wheel. I remove the center radio panel by pulling it out (just 4 clips holding it). I pull the cable over and cut an opening on the lighter cable and tap the power from there. It works perfect. [thumb]


I hope this How-to is clearly written. If you have any questions, just pm me.

Now I have another idea is to run the rear camera wire all the way across the roof to the front. drill a hole on the radio panel, use a flip switch to turn the camera on and off. This way, I can see who is the A-hole tail gating me anytime I want. hehehehe..
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