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I installed the four LED ebay halos into my ride.

Gremlins abound in the wiring. I need help!!!

Halo and parking light wiring

I wired the two halos and the upper bulb as running lights.

To do this I took all of the hot, white wires, soldered them together, and then connected them to a single wire. I did the same for the black (ground) wires.

I wired the hot wires to the middle wire in the grill lights (the running light), I then wired the black wires to the black wire in the grill lights (the ground).

These lights work fine.

Turn Signal Indicators

This is where I started to run into problems.

I wired the lower bulb in the headlights by running the hot wire to the turn signal wire in the grill. I then ran the black (ground) wire to the black wire in the grill (ground).

After that was done, I checked the turn signals. They lit up fine.

Until I turned the parking lights on. The turn signal bulbs LIT UP with the running lights. I don't know how this happened as they weren't on the same circuit... but they did. They also had a fast blink issue when the parking lights were on.

So to fix this, I disconnected the turn signal ground and ground them on the frame. No problems. Lights worked just fine. Parking lights came on fine and the turns didn't light up with the parking lights.

Now here comes the part that is making me pull out my friggin' hair. Yesterday I received a shipment of yellow LED's from ebay. I planned on wiring the top LED's as turn signals. I wired the hot wires to the hot wires on the turn signal indicators, and grounded the black wires to the frame. Everything worked great.

Until I turned the friggin running lights on.

The sidemarker lights blink just fine with the running lights off. When I turn the running lights on... they DON'T LIGHT UP AT ALL, NOR DO THEY BLINK. I don't understand it... they're on completely different circuits.

I checked the parking light fuses. They were fine. At this point it was getting late and I decided to just disconnect the led's. I took the ground off of the LED's. The sidemarkers STILL didn't light up.

So I decided to just remove the LED's entirely and rewire everything to exactly how it was before. Guess what? After doing that... the friggin' sidemarker lights STILL do not light up when the parking lights are on.

So as it stands now, my sidemarkers work and signal fine when the parking lights are off. With the parking lights on, the sidemarkers DO NOT light up as parking lights, NOR do they function as turn signals.

WHAT IS GOING ON!!! Help!!!!

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replay to headlight halo LED problem
i see that not many ppl have posted here.. so i am gonna try to help... without being thee and seeing everything... i might have an idea... so if u already fixed it .. then cool.. if not then... i would say that them being on a different circuit have nothing to do with it... i am sure u have figured out.. or maybe just know that LEDs have no positive or negative... just like a speaker.. although they are designed to work a certain way... they will work the opposite way... anywasys... i sould say that the first thing i wouldcheck is that the gound wires are grounded seperate.... if the ground wires touch and a current runs through a light and then is grounded out and is touvhing an LED ground then it will send a current through the LED ground and use the positive ans a ground... and u might htink that "how can a positive be a ground" well.. in the case of an LED it takes very lil power to run.. so the wire itself is likely enuff to be a ground... u know what i mean?.... what i am saying is thaat if the LEDs or Parking lights or whatever are grounded to the ground of another light then in theory it could cause it to light up.. it would be acting like a it was wired in a series.. you need to make sure that it is wired paralell... so each LED has a power and ground seperate... now this might sound like a lot of work .. but assuming that everything worked b4 LED halo or whatever.. i would say thet using seperate wires would cause a trial and error elimination prosses to take place... once it worked you could re wire it untill you had problems and start over.. u see?... anyways i could be way off... but i have had LOTS of ecperience with modding cars... and electrical and stereo equip is my specialty.. i have yet to buy a focus so i cant follow along with ur description.... so pics would help... anywasy good luck...
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