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wiring city light in Morette projectors

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After a year of havign them I finally got my morrette projectors painted. When I put them in I decided to wire the city light bulbs up as front turnsignals so I could do away with the front grill lights. Using spade connectors I simply ran two wires from the morette light to the outer most connections on the grill indicator light plug leaveing the center pin of the plug unhooked. This way they will work as turn signals but not be on as running lights. Now my problem, I used LED light bulbs in my morrete city lights and have LED bulbs in my side marker lights. Last night I discovered that my drivers side marker light was burned out so I temporary replaced it with a regular bulb and it worked fine. Now this morning I noticed that that bulbs is lighting up very dim and the dash board turn signal light for it is always on, plus the passenger side city light quit working already. Could using one regular bulb and the rest LEDs have burned out the bulbs? I ordered a few pairs of new LED bulbs from ebay today to try and replace them all at the same time.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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