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Hello all, my very first post here, hope you can help me

I have a 2008 Focus Titanium (3d) and I love the car. It's visual is very modern and it has a lot of nice accessories, including auto lights sensor, rain sensor, 17in wheels, directional lights, Start/Stop button etc.

A few weeks ago it started with a problem, after the battery went dead and I replaced it.

As soon as I turn on the car, either by starting the engine or by simply pressing the start button to put the ignition in accessories ON position, the wipers turn on, work for a few cycles and then park anywhere randomly. Even with the wiper stick in position 0, turned off.

I can hear the relay under the glove box, in the passenger side, when the wiper stops.
If putting the stick in the 1st position (intermittent, with rain sensor), it works for a few cycles, parking randomly.
If I put the wiper stick in the 2nd position up to permanent ON, it works fine. Going to the third position UP (very fast mode) it works fine, fast.
Returning to either position 1 or 0, the behavior is the same. It runs for a few cycles then stops randomly.
If using the washer, it runs the same number of cycles as the position 1 or 0, parking randomly, then when we should have one more cycle only (courtesy feature), instead we have the same number of cycles as position 1 or 0 and random park.

What I have already tried:

  • Disconnecting/reconnecting the battery after a few minutes
  • Checked the wiper fuse (no problem here)
  • Removed the GEM module and cleaned all contacts/connectors and respective cables/connectors with proper product for electrical boards. No signs of moisture or any water leak here.
  • Checked all other fuses in the GEM module, all working fine.

I'll record a video and post it here tomorrow so you can see what I'm talking about :)

Any help will be much appreciated, you are all awesome.


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Hello all,

Here is the link to the video:

After further testing, I found that my car's intermittent is not working as it should. I disconnected the rain sensor in order to verify it it was the root cause for this problem and here's what I found:

  • With rain sensor disconnected, the 'timer' works, I mean wipers are turned on in a certain interval. However, it does not work as it should, it runs for 7-9 cycles each time, instead of one quick cycle as a normal intermittent wiper.
  • The behaviour continued the same, either in position 0 or position 1 of the wiper stick. As soon as the ignition is turned ON, the wipers start, do 7-9 cycles and park anywhere.
  • Reconnecting the rain sensor restored its functionality, meaning that wipers did not work intermittently but only under the sensor's command. However, random parking and the odd 7-9 cycles issue still remain.

Any thoughts?
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