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Windshield Wipers problems

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Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and hope someone can help figure out what is going on. So a few days ago it was raining, windshield wipers worked as expected but I leave a little grease water trail on the drivers side. Changed wipers, washer fluid and cleaned glass with vinegar, and Invisible glass cleaner. No change. Anyone know how to get the grease off the window? I believe it is silicone grease from the dealer when they re-greased all rubber seals.

Second off just the other day, I went to use my washer fluid to clean the glass and my wipers would not shut off even with the switch to off. If I turn off the car while the wipers are all the way down, they will not start up again after I restart the car but if they are not down then when I restart the car the wipers keep going again. Also they only run on low speed while this happens. Tried to change switch to intermediate and to high, no change in speed. I have checked all wiper fuses, under the dash and in motor area, all ok. I have changed the wiper relay and still no change. Also I noticed that if I turn the ignition switch to start when the wipers get to the park position, it turns off all accessories in the car and turns off the wipers. Anyone else have any idea's? Could it be excessive AC ripple coming from the alternator that is causing the wiper trouble? Please help
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Try something stronger to clean the windshield like a degreaser or even a little bit of gasoline or PB blaster.

As for the wipers, my guess would have been the relay but you already tried that. Another option could be a bad wiper switch.
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