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Hi all,

hope someone can help as i'm tearing my hair out.

the passenger electric window switch was faulty so i took it apart to see if it was salvageable. it blew the fuses so left it at that.

replaced the fuse a few days later and the drivers window went down, but then i couldn't get it back up. I had to take the door apart and run a live wire from the positive battery terminal direct to the motor to get the window up. didn't think any more of it and ordered a new switch.

came to use the car today and discovered that the wipers don't work nor do the brake or reverse lights. checked all the fuses and they are all fine. co-incidently the fuses for the affecfted items are all in a line starting with the windows although none of the fuses are blown (changed them anyway just to check). I took the internal fuse board apart as far as i could to see if there was anything blown on the back or if there was a wire to that area that may have melted or shorted but was unable to see anything.

does anyone know of anything obvious i could check that I may have missed?
I did check all the fuses under the bonnet / hood too but there was nothing blown.

any help appreciated, i don't have a wiring diagram so can't check to see if there is a common wire in that area that may be causing the problem.

cheers in advance,

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