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Will this rub??

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Ok got a question for you guys. I know it may be hard to answer, but I'm hoping maybe someone has tried this combo already and can give me some feedback. So I and getting 18s put on my 2005 zx3 se this week and it got me thinking that I probably want to do some suspension work to the slowcus next. My question is....can I really lower the car any if I have 18s on it without it rubbing? I am running 215/35 tires so I think I should have some room even with the big rims, but the 215 worries me a little bit. I was only planning on replacing the stock suspension with an SVT setup which should drop it what? about .75" or so. Think I can get away with that without it rubbing much? Could I go with an even bigger drop, or more aggressive suspension setup?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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