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Will this 09 Coupe Bumper Fit?

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I have a 2009 Focus SE Sedan. Would this bumper bolt right up to mine? I HATE the bumper mine came with I like oval open bumpers much better. Small tiny slots piss me off lol



LABELED AS: 009-11 Ford Focus Coupe 3D Carbon Rear Lower Skirt /// FOCUS 2 DOOR - Rear Lower

Do I need the 2009 Focus Coupe Rear too?

Would this fit? Is it just a conversion lip? What is it?
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I put this bumper on my 08... you need a new foam crash bar, new fog light brackets, new inner grille (obviously), and I believe that was it.
That is only if you are taking an 09-11 bumper and putting it on an 08 car. All mounting points on 09-11 are the same. Only 08s require changing the crash foam and fog light brackets.
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