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Will Someone Check This Out For Me?

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can anyone tell me cheap mods i can do to my 03 focus se??????
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well ud be lucky as hell to get 12whp from an intake. dont do anything cheaply to the motor. thats where u dont wanna go cheap as its kinda important. lol. an aem is a good intake. as for the svt header swap, theirs a bit to delve into with that. its not just a direct bolt in.
also...i see in ur sig that it says u have 135whp and 135wtq. do u have anything done to the motor right now? intake will add more than 1 or 2hp. maybe like 5-6...but not 12. they advertise 12 to get u to buy it. i asked if u had anything done cause, ive never seen a stock zetec put down that much whp. i have an intake, throttle body, header back exhaust, and under drive pullies and im right at 120whp and 127wtq(on an atx). maybe the dyno was calibrated wrong or somethin. i dunno.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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