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Hi Fanatics,

I have a Ford Focus Mk3.5 ST- Line (facelift). One thing that has caught my eyes over the past several months is the lower diffuser of what appears to be a Ford Focus Zetec S rear diffuser lower bumper (shown below). My investigation shows that the lower Zetec's lower bumper is not a direct replacement to my ST- Line bumper but will the whole bumper fit perfectly (if I was to find and buy one)? Does anyone out there know if this Zetec bumper has the exact same dimensions as mine? Also, do you know a legit source that sells them?


Also, I would like to combine it with an upgraded exhaust - see here. Is there anyone that has fitted this particular exhaust? If so, I would appreciate some first-person feedback.

I would like everyone to comment on what they think about this setup?

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