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Will Ford Focus (2007) Door Match Ford Focus Ghia (2006)?

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I have a problem with the passenger side front door on a 2006 Ford Focus Ghia and the whole door needs replaced. I was originally quoted £500 to get it replace with a second hand door which would include cost of door, respray to match the colour and fitting. I’m trying to save some money by getting a door already in the same colour.

I managed to find a door online in the same colour from a 2007 1.6 diesel ford focus (this was all the information the garage gave me). I’m ordering from England (I’m in Northern Ireland) so don’t want to end up with a door that doesn’t fit and then having to pay £500 anyway.

Should the door of a 2006 Ford Focus Ghia match that of a 2007 1.6 diesel Ford Focus? Is there anything else I should ask before buying?

I’ve attached pics of the car and the door.


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