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will 12" sub fit?

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since a 10" sub fits could it be possible to fit a 12" kicker cvr. is this a good set up 1 12" i think 800 watts and 400rms witha a kicker 400.1 amp and 4 ga wire?but will it fit without cutting the whole dam box! oh yeah in a stock svt plastic lil box?
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hell yea it will fit, and it would be loud as hell in ur lil hatch. you only need one 12" btw. I would also get a capacitor if I were you, cuz it really help relieve the stress on ur car's battery. I have a 12" Alpine Type R in a pretty big ported box, a amp, and a cap, and i still have quite a bit of space in my trunk. And it goes harder than my friends 2 Kicker L5s.
I doubt it, I would measure the depth of the box and the depth of the Kicker.
well if a 10 fits i think it wont be that hard to fit a 12! well iam goin to start this week or maybe next and ill post pics of it if it comes right!
Yeah, I believe you could get a 12 in that box but I don't know if it would sound right. Why not get a good 10 with a good amp and be done with it? I just put a Audiobahn AW101T 10" sub (450 watt RMS) in my box and I am using a Audiobahn A4002T amp (400 watt RMS) and its pretty damn loud to me when it's cranked up and hits hard, I find myself turning the bass down some times. LOL
Use a MDF spacer on the whole front side of the box to make it more rigid and give mounting depth clearance. See the FAQ on sealing up the back side, etc. Make sure the 12" sub will work in the box volume. If it's on the small side, then use more power to balance it out. It'll work.
i heard the audio bahns were to show off? btw well if i get a good 10 it will have a big ass magnet and it prob will require more space or depth to fit. i havent got it out yet but ill have to mesure the depth and go shoping for some good . i seen mtx on the store that other day and i liked them but i have to see if i can fit this 12" i know ill sound good in there....
What about a L5 from kicker its a 10" will a square sub fit with any probs or just go with the circle ones?
I've heard mixed reviews on the L5.

Too many other great subs to choose from.

Soundsplinter RL-p12
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