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C'mon guys we need some activity here in our forum! Post what your likes AND dislikes about living here in Hawaii are.



Sunny year round, never too hot or too cold
Short drives, no cross country trips
Wal-Mart is almost always a short drive from practically any location on O'ahu (almost) lol [clap]
Lot's of places to go cycling
Low crime rates


Sucks being ocean-locked
Can't meet up for Focus meets on the mainland
Shipping costs on everything is jacked
If there's a tsunami or hurricane then we're pretty much screwed
Being stuck in traffic on a little island
Riding the city bus on a little island
Stupid ricers
Inflated prices on everything

Hmm, my dislikes far outweigh my likes..I'll think of some more later

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Mine are pretty much the same as yours but ill post it anyways!

Sunny (almost) all the time
Beach! And its everywhere!
Low crime rate
Two words, Loco Moco
Lots of places to go exploring

Big lifted Toyotas with big rubbah tires as DD
Mokes and Soles (No hurt me)
TOURISTS that cause accidents
LOCALS that cant DRIVE
Being isolated on a rock (cmon super ferry)

And of course, my dislikes out weigh my likes. Maybe since Ive lived here my whole life I dont appreciate it as much as i should. I can see this turning into a rant thread eventually.
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