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I switched tuners about 3 years ago. I used to have Torrie from unleashed “write” me “custom tunes”. I wasn’t aware at the time that they were just canned tunes. He never made me datalog or wanted feed back from how the car drove. As I was getting into more mods he wanted more money each time I wanted something changed, This occured when I added a new throttle body or wanted something as small as going from 91 octane to 93 octane..

My first tune from Tom felt tons better than unleashed tuning. The cars driveability and mid range power was superb.

When I took on the challeng of doing the 2.5 swap, Tom was there to answer every question I had and guide me through it as i went through the process. His customer service is excellent. He was giving advice on engine building and what I should and should not do. It had nothing to do with tuning, but he was there to help.. and it didn’t cost anything.

The tuning process is easy once you get a hang on dataloging. Tom has a very set way of doing things and I like that, where some people I feel get so butt hurt when he tells them how it is. Tom had never steered me in the wrong direction and I’m grateful to have him as a resource in the automotive industry. Toms the type of guy you could talk shop with for hours.

I would recommend him to anyone needing tuning. He’s tunes are great and wake up the car, his updates are another added perk. His customer service is where his company accells and no other company comes close to Focus-Power.

Thank you Tom for answering all my question, answering emails, and speaking on the phone to clarify certain topics.

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