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Which Valve Stems?

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I need to get valve Stems for my new Tires. I just got My new Tires for my
SVT Euro's. They are 205/45/17's and the are going on a 2003 ZX3. I need to get the valve stems for a friend who is going to do the mounting. Which size do I need. Help?
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If your friend is mounting them, assuming he works at a tire shop, would he not have a supply of them that would be suitable? Unless of course you are fitting solid metal valves that would be a permanent fitment at future tire changes?

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Believe it or not all valve stems are the same size and will not fit all wheels. The diameter of the valve stem holes in the wheels vary and stems are sold in differing base diameters. The length of the stem can vary as well. In general you want one as short as possible but still be able to get an air gauge onto.
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