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This is a common question around here, So here are some engine pictures to help you identify which engine you have in your focus.

Zetec: Says "Zetec" on valve cover, most common focus engine 00-04

Zetec Performance

SPI (Split Port Injection): Says "2.0L Split Port" on Valve Cover, Spark plugs on front side of cly head, Found in many 00-04 Focus Sedan models (i.e. LX & SE)

SPI Performance

SVT: Silver metal valve cover, Spark Plug Cover says "Powered by SVT" Cover over spark plug coil, and Degas cover (sometimes missing)

SVT Performance

Duratec: Plastic Valve cover, Coil on Plug design, Intake on the front side of engine, exhaust to the rear. Found in 03-04 (some), 05-07 (All), and 08-11(all) Focus Models, Slight changes to engine bay layout throughout the years.

Duratec Performance

DURATEC Ti-VCT: Found in all 2012+ Ford Focus All Models (except ST) Pictured with and without OEM Engine cover

Duratec Ti-VCT Performance

EcoBoost ST: Found in 2013+ ST models, ST Valve Cover, Turbo piping top right of engine.

ST EcoBoost Performance
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