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Hey everyone I just recently took it upon myself to fix my car myself.
I have a 2011 Ford Focus SE,my friend who is a good mechanic told me my driver side front wheel bearing was bad.

So I figured since I'm going to replace the other one.

Well any ways it seems to be one problem after the other...

After taking them off I took them to get the new bearings installed

I figured putting them on would be much easier I was wrong.

Finally after getting every thin put on I realized I forgot the little protective plate on the ball joint so I tried to pop the lower ball joint back out and the grease boot exploded.

So my first question is can I just temporarily put it back together with a exploded grease boot?
Can I just replace the boot or do I have to replace the whole ball joint?

The Driver side is all back together and looks good just looking for torque specs for the following but can't find them anywhere for a 2011 ford focus SE

-Wheel bearing/drive axle nut
-lower ball joint bolt (mine where stripped/seize replaced with 10.9 hex bolt and locking nut)
-tie rod end nut
-upper bolt on the knuckle for the strut
-the caliper bolts
-the caliper bolts with the boots ( doing the front breaks)
hopefully that is all.

I will be very grateful for all the help
Thanks in advance

This project has made me feel like a failure....

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I'm glad you're being responsible and actually using the published torque values!

If the car isn't repaired yet, some places do sell replacement boots for ball joints - you just have to tear off the old boot and grease it semi-regularly (if it has a zerk fitting) since it won't be sealed anymore. I believe I bought the boot for my Escape at NAPA.
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