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You may as well replace the PCV valve too. Just don't install the Autzone/Durlast version; I did & a week later CEL popped on.
So I had to do a search since the OE SVTF version is discontinued... Found the OE UK ST170 version that works fine in my SVTF.

Here's the part # off the box:


I found one off eBay cheap & have zero issues with the OE version PCV unit.

Lastly, you are going to need a Torx T27 in extended length [skinny/slim too] to get around the Thermostat housing to reach the one & only bolt. It holds the metal tube in place.
Thankfully, I got that bolt "loose" when I swapped-out the ceramic upgrade [Mercury-Cougar] housing that started leaking to a cast-aluminum housing.

I was glad I had "loosened" that T27 bolt with the wide-open space; who ever assemblied my engine had that bolt so-tight I almost stripped the head off.
For me, it was impossible to get that bolt back in with the thermostat housing "in-the-way"... So I tossed the bolt in the glovebox for safe keeping.

Massive Speed System Cast Aluminum ZETEC 95-04 Housing
1 - 4 of 4 Posts