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scottdurand said:
Will a 17X7.5 Rota with a 40mm offset with 205/40/17 tires fit fine on my 05 ZX3 with a 1.5 to 1.8" drop? I did some searching but came up with mixed results, so I was hoping for some feedback here. I found a knockoff of the slipstream that I like as well and it's a 42mm offset but I have heard some negative comments on the Excel rims.
I'd recomend using a wider tire than that say a 215 or 225 (225 being the best fit for the wheel.) with a 205 tire you'll be running it a slightly streched or the wheel will stick out father than the tire like so...

Not NEARLY that extream but you get the idea.

A 215/45/17 would be better than 205/40/17 for both fitting on the wheel and matching you stock tire overall diamitter. 225/45/17 is a perfect fit for the wheel but is a wee bit big for the car and would most likely require a fender roll to prevent from rubbing.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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