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I'm new to the group, I purchased a 2004 SVT for my 16 year old son about 1.5 years ago, nice, fun car to drive, we like it so much I ended up buying a another 2003 "parts car" that was non-running but came with 2 spare transmissions, spare "good' engine and a Jackson supercharger, I decided we are going to build both cars to just have fun at the track and I am in the process of a modest rebuild of one engine (doing it myself) and having another engine being "built" by a good engine builder with good internals for my sons car with the supercharger, so far I have been able to source almost all oem components but it has not been easy or cheap, I am also curious to see what everyone on here says about the aftermarket world for these cars/engines but I can't wait for this summer!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts