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What do I need to do to start a racing career?

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I know this probably sounds like I'm just some stupid kid with a dream, but I'm turning 21 and all I've wanted to do for the last 10 years was race professionally. I know it sounds corney, but it's true. I don't have much money, but I can start saving. I'm really not pickey, If I can make a carrer out of it, I'll be happy. I don't even care if I make thousands of dollars, just a little bit. I'm not really interested in autocross, so what can I do? I understand that this isn't going to happen overnight and I don't care if it takes till I'm 40 years old, I just want to race. So I'm asking for any advice from maybe other racers or anyone who knows the route to get into racing. I'm just hoping someone can give me some insight. Thanks.
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Wow, thank you for the quick info. +1 rep. Well I read a huge book on SCCA and was very interested and I looked into NASA, looks like you need about 10K to start either. So your saying start small and get my liscense and experience built up bydoing the HPDE's and then Get a provisional license(can you explain this part a little more, not familiar) and then race Spec whatever and then get noticed and keep on climbing. Sounds like a 20 year plan to me. But I could do spec miata in the SCCA before I get my provisional liscense right? and then start there.
Or do you need this provisional liscense before you race in the SCCA? I'll have to look it up.
Yeah that's expensive
Well. I guess I'll start with the HPDEs. Time to do some research.
I got till next spring to get ready.
Well I follow the Rolex and love it. I wouldn't mind doing that one bit. I understand that to own a team would be expensive as hell. I'm not hoping to own my own team. It'd be nice when I retire as a driver to be able to own my own team when I was 55, but that's a whole other story. So are the chances of making 20,000 dollars a year from a career in racing unrealistic, or could it be done. If I spent the money, made my way through the ranks and won races, is it unrealistic. I'm sure I could get into the SCCA races over time and a little money, but there is no real money to be made in that type of racing. Right? I think it's "BS" that in any other sport all you have to do is be good and get noticed and you could go pro. No spending 50K on a basketball or tennis raquet. But I could be 10 times better than any racer in the world(UNrealistic I know) and no one would ever know it.
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