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What could this be?

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Ok im thinking that this is my tranny but im not very sure. i drive a 2000 ZTS 2.0 Zetec DOHC Automatic. Seems like everytime i get on it or accelerate it will shift fine into 2nd but once it goes to get into overdrive at around 45mph it wont shift right most the time, so i have to let off the gas put it into neutral, then back into drive and it shifts itself into OD. Sometimes though when i get on the occasional street race, it will trigger the (1) Idiot Light -!- and it will just require me shutting the car off and its fine again or it wont shift into OD period. or (2) It will trigger the Check Engine Light, and EVERYTIME it shifts it jerks REAL hard until i pull the batt terminal or use my scanner/computer to clear the codes then it shifts fine again. My excuse is always "A female most have built my car because its confusing and complex and will run great when it wants to" haha, well any ideas on if its the tranny or possibly a 'tranny computer' as ive been told?
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it has been changed and it was not burnt, my uncles whom are mechanics and one specializes in trannys has done all the work to it, and both are stumped, the scanner brings up "Performance STUCK Solenoid C" so i changed Solenoid C and it still says Stuck....but all the fluid and everything seems fine
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