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were should i buy an intercooler?

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ok im finnaly starting ona turbo kit, im having my neibor fab up

3.5 dp
3.5 exhaust
intercooler piping

im buying either a t04 or a t3/t4 60 trim/.83 ar housing

tial 44 mm wastegate
tial bov

80lb inj

now i told you that to tell you that i will be running 30 psi everyonce in a while and need an intercooler to hold that kind of boost i can buy a core have end tanks welded on w/e

my question is were should i buy it from?
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will never buy anything from him! sorry

i am getting all the fab done for the crank off my bike and thats because he wont take money!

toms stuff is over priced and over hyped imo ( sorry tom dont have a problem w/ you just ho wi feel)

why spend 1100 on an intercooler kit when you can have one fabed up for 500?? ( cost of intercooler/tbolts and cupplers)

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ebay ones work fine.

or if you want a good intercooler. hit up buschur racing.

or even get a precision intercooler they have a few different sizes and they're pretty cheap. for piping checkout

look at the sponsors on honda-tech. you can piece together a turbo kit with high quality shit for 3500 easily. and thats including tuning and good electronics as long as you dont mind a bit of cutting and welding. i have a list i made. probably was good for 250 whp on stock internals if you're running 10-12 psi.
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