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Welcome Newbies To FF

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This thread is to welcome new members. Stop in, tell us what you drive, how you found us, and say "Hi". Welcome to Focus Fanatics.[welcome]
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Good Morning,

Found 'Focus Fanatics' on Google Search.
I own 2013 Focus SE/163,000mi Daily Driver.
2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road/ 133,000mi Daily Driver
1999 Chev Silverado 1500 LS/ 295,000mi Daily Driver

I hope be an active member, Receiving & Offering - Tips, Tricks & Knowledge.
Having done most of my own mechanic work for the past 40+ yrs.
From Oil Change to Complete Rebuilds..

Happy Motoring ;)(y)
Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you around!
Found the forum researching the difficult sync upgrade issues.

I've owned my 2014 Focus(w/5 speed 😁) since December. Took one cross country road trip already and about to take my second.

Love this car so far
Hey. I’ve used focusfanatics ever since owning my 2017 ecoboost (1.0 3 cyl) in 2019, and finally decided to sign up so I can contribute. (After many harrowing experiences in nailing down weird issues - loose ground cable from the BCM, under the coolant overflow reservoir, and other interesting adventures in ForScan)
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Hello all. I purchased a new to me 2017 Focus SE Sedan, 2.0L FFV two weeks ago. This is the third Focus in our family. The other two were my son's '03 manual and '07 auto Hatchbacks but those Focus's were sold years ago.

I bought the 2017 knowing it had code P0420 Catalyst System Low Efficiency. No other codes are present. The previous owner had purchased a cat from eBay for $132. The exhaust was emanating a strong smell. I already removed the CAT and sent it back for a refund. I ordered an OEM CAT that will be here next week. Other than that all is well with the car. I hope I can handful of good years out of the engine and transmission.
3581 - 3584 of 3584 Posts