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I’m French but I live in Canada since September so I’ve bought a 2008 Ford Focus SE (but green .... Damitt !!) and I am really pleased to be a member of the Focus fanatics family ! I forgot to mention that my lovely car has just 70k km only from 2008 so engine is cleannnnnnn ! But anyway here is examples of what I want to do on so give your advices I will be pleased :
Color change obviously (or covering ?)
Fan motor résistance cause speeds are not working
Change steering wheel with another with optional buttons of cruise control and radio control to upgrade my confort
Bearings of I don’t know which one does the noice
Motor mounts cause that’s vibrate somehow
And rear suspensions

and after all that done, maybe motor prep, and general aspect of the car ( spoiler or so )

see ya !
3421 - 3430 of 3430 Posts