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Hi all

new to the forum and world of fords, coming frmo the world of mk4 golfs.

I've just got a focus 1.8 petrol ghia 2004 model, I think you class it as a mk 1.5 but I think this is the right forum for it. :-s

I've noticed a weird ticking sound coming from the cambelt area under the bonet when the car is started from cold. After the car warms up I don't think I can hear it much or at all. The car has only covered 42k has a full service history and a recent service. Although the oil change was 5/30 semi synthetic and when I was in ford picking up a gear lever spring and some fluids the parts guy mentioned that its now been changed it should be 5/3 fully synthetic oil.

Anyway this noise is alarming me as anything near the cambelt bothers me as if that breaks its more or less fatal so I'm not taking any chances.

The manual says its a 100k change but that sounds excessive to me.

When I bought the car there was a tow hook? on the back so presumably its done some towing, so worked a bit harder than most. But runs like brand new.

I'm just wondering what you might think it is ?

forgot to add: I called around a few places and was quote £380 for the cambelt/idler/tensioner inc waterpump ? at an independant garage and £440 without waterpump from a specialist. Just wondering what the average prices of this job would be ? on my mk4 golf it was about £355 with waterpump at a specialist. Although I know it might not be the cambelt I was just asking around. Prepapring myself for the worst lol
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