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So I just replaced my (edit) coil because I thought it was an issue, ordered one, then found out before it came in that it was my VCT Solenoid and a bunch of other things. I was just gonna return the coil, but I figured "hey, let's take a look at what's in there anyways" and the coil in there literally has no branding. No Ford brand, no motocraft, nothing on it at all. Now that the new one is in, I realize it much more now, that that weird coil cover the car had some slight wobble on idle, and would struggle a tiny bit more than I thought it should at low rpm, now it breezes through the low end and has consistent and smooth idle.

This is yet another weird thing on this car. It has been a Road of nonsensical parts and mysteries with whoever had this before me. The thermostat is my next project, the housing is leaking and the clip is broken off of the thermostat that's in there, as well as the engine code that usually points to it being faulty.

After all the maintenance, maybe I'll get to performance ?


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