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As you can see I'm a brand shiny new member here. I discovered this place while looking for some help fixing a problem with my wife's 2002 Focus.

The water pump started making a lot of noise and I know very little about the front drive cars, so I did a quick google to see what was involved in replacing it and right away found two very helpful threads.


I really want to thank you guys for making the job easy with the step by step instructions and photos.

Along the way I found something I thought was helpful that I want to pass along. Most car guys probably have a cherry picker, and that's the easy way to remove the motor mount and raise and lower the engine. On our car there was already an attachment point on the motor, one I assume was used on the assembly line.

I found that I could position the cherry picker so there was still room between the legs for my creeper.

The job went smooth as silk, mainly because you guys had told me exactly what to look for. The wife is happy to have her car back without having to spend time in the shop and I'm happy not to have to pay a shop!

Thanks! [thumb]
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