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So i've had no power steering now for the past couple of weeks. First it began when i did the motor swap and the hi-press line broke 2in from the rack. My old pump was toast so i replaced it with a (older version) salvaged one. Since at that time my line was still broke and i wanted to temporarily keep the pump bearing lubricated, i looped the fluid from reservoir to pump and back. Worked great for a week or so...pump made no noises or anything like before when it would whine from being too hot. A few days ago i fixed that hi-press line and hooked a new line up. When i started the car with the power steering "fixed" i heard an awful noise like the pump was gunna explode. I turned off the car and pulled off the serpentine belt. As soon as the tension was let off that belt the pulley spun backwards and the fluid bubbled up in the reservoir. Seemed to me like a buildup of back pressure. I looked in the reservoir and saw a small white fragment of plastic (about the size of the smaller tip on a 9v battery). I removed that piece and after that i said the hell with it and put the belt back on. This time i had no problems and i slowly regained my power steering after not having it for a month. However i noticed that the pump was very loud. Hard to explain but sounded like an older car where the pump is the loudest part of the engine bay and when you crank the wheel it gets even louder. Drove it around the block and worked great except for the loudness of the pump. The next day on my 25 mile highway commute to college i noticed that my power steering had stopped working halfway there.

Make a long story short someone interested in my car test drove it today and took it to the mechanic to have it looked over. The guy at monro said that my rack was blown. How would he have come to this conclusion??

I'm just confused about the whole noise issue when i first hooked the power steering back up, and the loss of it now. I'm hoping that i just got a bad salvaged ps pump and that the rack didn't blow. I also hope that the plastic fragment came from the pump and not the rack. Could that plastic piece have broken off inside that pump and now its not making enough pressure for the ps to work? I'm clueless right now and i dont understand how a pump could damage a rack?

Any input is greatly appreciated.
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