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WantToBuy: 01`SE Driver Side door skins or doors themselves (both)

Just got hit by a Jamaican looking guy, smoking a joint :( (not kidding either)
it was bad timing since i didnt have insurance under my name yet
it was both our faults so now we have to fix each of our cars

to the point

Both Driver side doors were dented in pretty bad, not to the point where i have to replace the whole 2 doors but , and i quote, "Just the door skins have to be replaced"
which was told to me by a auto repair buddy
the car is white , but dont matter since of course it can be painted
[email protected]
plz any info will help on EITHER a GOOD/CHEAP AUTO BODY REPAIR IN MY AREA or anything on the parts i need

i live in SoCal, Los Angeles Area
so if any1 knows good place to buy or have these parts, mail me was where i was looking at first, is that a good site?
they dont have doors for meh car though
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