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Wagon suspension issue

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My Focus is a 2001 Wagon with 224k miles. Had the whole front suspension replaced in June. Also replaced the rear shocks. There is still something out of whack with the rear suspension. On the rural highway I take to work there is play or wobble from the rear end when going through curves in the road. Could this be from the springs needing replaced? The whole reason that set me off on fixing the suspension was one of the front springs failing by loosing its integrity.

Here are some choices for rear wagon springs:

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There is some confusion over REAR front lower arms, and lower control arms. They are not the same parts, and seller calls them the wrong name.
(On Amazon) Dorman 521-416 Control Arm
Sold by: Car Part Kings
This part is the dog bone shaped " lower front arm "(Ford name) with a bushing on each end. I did both sides. Also shocks and sway bar links. Then tires and line up. WHAT A BIG DIFFERENCE! First off, check the bearings. My left rear was very loose and I replaced it before anything else.
Down side: I can't believe that the bracket on the frame is about 2 inches out of line with the one on the control arm. I had to twist the arm with a big crescent wrench(it didn't bend) and could have used a helper to put in the bolt at the same time. Its like this part is making up for a major mistake in the design. The old one was very twisted, and so is the new. The bushings take a real beating just from the extreme pressure when in place. It's no wonder they crap out. It just doesn't seem right.
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