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Hello All,

I bought a used Focus back on July 4 here in the US. I bought it as-is, so I knew going into it, that some repairs would be inevitable. First thing, was my speedometer. The Speedo intermittently would drop to zero, accompanied by my upshift arrow not lighting up when it was time to shift gears. As I drove along with the speedo at zero, the radio would act a little funky, the odometer would show only dashes, and the car turned off on two different occasions while driving in traffic.

I have been watching the forums from a distance and to look up stuff about the car. This site has been very helpful in helping me diagnose this issue, so I thank you all for contributing. With the idea that the VSS needed to be replaced, I wanted to contribute also because some of the things were a little ambiguous and there wasn't a great in the the way of images and videos. So, here is my contribution.

I can do some minor things on cars, and I am far from a mechanic. However changing a sensor didnt seem to big of a deal. I bought a chilton manual which gave me a pic the size of a postage stamp and two sentences about the VSS location. I put the car up on axle stands and after a few hours, I still couldn't ultimately find the location. A friend of mine here in Vegas has a garage and a lift, and we put the car up to find the location. It took a few minutes but we did locate it, and the work began.

With a skilled mechanic, it took him about an hour of work, because the main problem was not getting the sensor out, but getting it fully seated in place, and getting the retaining pin back in. The heat shield was also cutting his hand as he was working. With some tools, hammers, grease and some patience, we eventually got it back in, and since then none of the problems have occurred. The part cost me $50 at O'Reilly and my friend didn't charge me for the time. So I was fortunate for the break. I did pay for an A/C recharge so, there was an expense there. A mechanic told me before to always start with the cheapest option and work your way up until you find the issue. Since this seemed simple, and somewhat cheap, this is what I opted for. Thankfully, it worked.

Below are a few pictures, in case you are trying to find the VSS and replace it. I couldn't get it through the fenderwell or axle stands, so if you have access to a lift, then thats obviously the best choice. If you can reach it otherwise, you are my hero! Hope this helps and thanks to everyone for contributing.

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