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Tom, i was wondering how much you'd charge for a Tune. I don't have a Flasher and would be needing to purchase one as well. It's a Vortech Supercharger with:

Spec Stg 3 clutch and Spec aluminum Flywheel < Shouldn't have anything to do with the tuning
Vortech Aftercooled Supercharger w/ overdrive crank pully
Unorthodox Racing Aluminum adjustable cam gears
BBK 65mm throttle body
42 lb/hr injectors
11-13 psi with the overdrive crank pully
10-11 psi without the overdrive crank
Stock MAFS
SVT Header
R/T Hi-Flow Cat
Magnaflow Exhaust
ECU Code: LUY2

What would you charge for a Custom Tune? Also once I data log everything would you charge for a revised tune? Thoughts? Opinions? Anything I missed that you would need?
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