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Volant Ram Air

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Do yall think a Volant CAI would be the best intake for me. I have no mods yet, and i want to definitley do it right the first time. What do yall think? If it's not or you think another is better give me some ideas.. Thanks yall.

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The Volant intake was my first modification and still in the top 3 of all the mods I've done to date. You get a noticable amount of power added plus a cool new sound under the hood.
I LOVE my Volant. Osiris is right in everything that was said.
We all LOVE our Volants, so far the best $$$ ive spent on the focus yet, go for it, its worth the money
The intake is well worth it...the ram-air scoop that bolts on top not so much. At least the scoop isn't worth the $150 price tag...just get the intake and a SVT snorkle and you'll be set.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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