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Vogt what??? First suspension excitement (Coilover)!

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Just want to shoot my excitement after I just received my Vogtland Coilovers.
It's a germany brand, high quality stuff. some NASCAR cars use Vogtland for their suspension as well. Commonly used with VW & Audi's. *Sign of good quality.. [thankyou]

Got it super cheap...will post the price later. =P any guess? (MSRP 1,100$+).

I'm quite sure almost none of you know abt this brand, so yea, I'll post some links to save up some of ur questions:

Link to Audi Forum for review of the coilover

"VDF VOGTLAND, a family owned company was founded in 1908 in Hagen-Hohenlimburg Germany. Today VOGTLAND is an international spring manufacturer comprised of three operating units: "

"VOGTLAND North America established in 2001 is located in Temecula California, supports the North American market. Our North American operations has established VOGTLAND as a leading supplier to the NASCAR racing circuit with our leading edge “VVS” spring technology. Additionally we support small OE programs as well as Tuners."

And before I forget: *I know someone will put this anw. =P patience guys.. patience..
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Are you serious? so ur saying that Vogtland coilovers use Koni dampers??
Ok, now I'm super excited of this, coz I got mine real cheap. !!

*will post pic tonight!!
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