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Vin 3 for 2000 focus motor vs other VIN

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I'm sitting on 2 motors with different cylinder heads and I'm trying to find out if the blocks are the same. My new motor is a DOHC vin 3. The VIN never registered on the old motor, I believe it was a Canadian motor, the oil cap was in French. I have no details on the motor because it came in a dune buggy.
Will the cylinder heads swap?

What is the extra sensor on the cylinder head?

Is this the variable valve timing?


I appreciate any info. New to the forum. If there's a spot I should post this please just lemme know. Thank you馃嵒


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Yes, that engine used in ZX2 Escort and '98 and later Contour. Same as the Focus zetec except the variable exhaust cam difference. Both are zetec E design. Head won't swap unless the VCT is adapted, there are kits to do that.
My man! Thank ya. I have been looking at the "massive" vvt delete and I have the other cam and pulley that I need. I appreciate the info. I found more info in another forum, maybe I'll try to post this there with some pictures and more parts. So glad I don't have to crack open this new motor!

Thanks again
So. I've got the motor in. She cracks and everything sounds good, but she won't idle. If I plug the cam sensor in she runs REALLY rough. If I unplug it she purrs like a kitten but won't idle. It's not the plugs it timing cuz it sounds perfect without the cam sensor plugged in but just won't idle. With the cam sensor plugged in she's getting WAY to much fuel and belching black smoke out. Any ideas?
You have to have a PCV system and IAC working to idle and the throttle body must be cracked open enough with those to idle correctly. Idle air is PCV amount plus TB aircrack amount plus what the IAC needs to fulfill the final idle air amount.
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I turned in the set screw to open the butterfly a touch and she fires up great and idles! Thank ya馃嵒
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If still running the IAC(V) that can cause problems, the setting is supposed to be such that computer can work with it. If it begins to hang high idle come back and bring it up, what if anything will happen.
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