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Very old member here with a new account. Looking for Calgary folk mostly, but just happy to be back!

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It is interesting to be back around here after what my life has brought to me since I last posted around here. I lost access to my old account, but kept a similar name. When I first posted pictures of Audrey, I got a lot of attention from south of the border, as the specifics of my car apparently, were unheard of in the USA. I have a manual 5 spd SEL, with lots of extras.

Here is a post of my original account Meet "Audrey" - the Black 2012 SEL

That was my baby when she was less than a month old. I had a LOT of struggles keeping her on the road all these years, but I have. I would be embarassed to post any current photos. The body is not good, rusting in a lot of spots, but she is moving.

She has 220000km now (137000 miles) and I feel she won't make it to the end of the year unfortunately. Althought she has kept afloat, it hasn't been easy

I am going to be looking for some basic advice for some things I need to do to keep her alive, and I just cannot afford a lot of mechanic bills right now.

Glad to be back!
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Contact the Administrator of the site. Do you remember the email address associated with the account? They can send you an email with the login information to reclaim your old account. The account to contact is simply just Administrator. Let them know that you forgot your password to your old account and supply them the information they need and they should be able to link the two accounts.
Hey Don,

I might try that, but I know I don't have access to the previous email address. I nuked it at some point, forgetting a few things attached to it, so they would have to send it to a new email address.

I will give it a shot however.

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