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hi, I purchased a full-optional ford focus from 2017, but the old owner replaced the xenon headlights with normal halogen headlights.....stupid man!
Now I have purchased two original xenon headlights on ebay (this is the code of one of the two headlights f1eb-13d154-bg), installed the forscan software and I bought the obd cable with switch, compatible forscan.
I connected the OBD cable to the car, started forscan, and in fact the old owner had set the headlights in the settings as halogen!
So I decided to set the headlights as adaptive bi-xenon and saved everything in memory .... but there is a problem, the headlights come on, but if I try to turn on the long headlights, these do not work and the focus gives me an alarm of lights failure!
what parameters do i have to set to correctly enable the headlights?

In photo you can view the setting with halogen headlights


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