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Hi all,
I have an idea to put a comfort module/global windows closing (the windows to be raised automatically when locked) on my Focus, 2003, 1.8 TDCI, 3 doors, which apparently does not have it installed from the factory. It has central locking, but not global windows closing.
My focus is originally with this type of button for the windows:
Please see attachment 1
Which also means that there is no comfort module, because the buttons are not with 2 positions for up and down.

Online there are many cheap second-hand modules, but I do not know exactly what I have to buy. As far as I understand on the GEM module the last 2 letters show if it has the global windows closing or not.

Please see attachment 2

Please advise which module with which letters should I buy to get the automatic window closing when locking.

My question is if I buy a central module that has the automatic window raising function:
1. Do I have to buy new buttons that have 2 possittions for up and down and change old ones?
2. What dangers may arise by changing the old GEM module with new one? The car also has an aftermarket alarm that has been installed additionally (not factory).
3. Should I program the old keys to the new module? Should anything else be reprogrammed?

I'll be grateful for the help to do this little project :)


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