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Upgrade my tape player.

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Very basic boring question. Just picked up a 04 4dr LX basic model. It has a tape deck...... I dont care but my wife will be using it once in a while. Would like to get a factory CD player from the same year. Are there any things I need to know before I get another CD player? I have seen many different styles on Ebay and they all cover 04 models. Some look different than others. What years will fit my car. Are all factory players created equal.....also any install advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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How do I get the old player out? I see the two holes on the side of the player. Seen those wire inserts that remove the stereo. Can I use something else or are they special tools. Can I get them at any stereo store?

What I want is a plug and play unit. Figure if I get a stock CD player will be cheap and will just plug and play....wont have to cut and splice. I not very good with stereo equipment. My biggest worry is ..... I know some factory stereos have security features. Will any factory focus CD player work?
Ill try to coat hanger deal..... If I purchase an OEM CD off ebay.... do they have a security code on them...if so...what do I do?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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