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Updated PICS

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I thought i would share my car now that is not stock. My mods are plentyful lol.
Roush Shifter
Focus central short throw shifter
Painted dash
Pioneer indash tv with ipod adapter
2 mtx 12 inch subs
Infiniy 5x8s All around
Ford gt start button
Steeda petals
Svt grille (thanks to Malakai)[:D]
Tein sTech Springs
DIY Black Hatch filler
2.3l Badges
Stock Badges removed
Magnaflow exaust
Fuzion tires
DiY Shorty antenna

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pretty clean looks good

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Well well! someone else that has the same HU as me. The car's looking good. Now you just need to get a euro grill, some new headlights, and some rims and that will be a HOTT ride.

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That drop looks good, and your interior looks very nice. Why is my dashboard light gray and not dark as yours [:(!]

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^ YES!
car looks fantastic [thumb] love the silver interior
oh and get some of those $10 clear corners too
paint the side trim to body color while you're at it too [:D]

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Looking good so far.

And you might wanna reduce the size of you sig there. It's a little beyond forum guidelines[;)]
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