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I found why my dash cluster was acting up. Here are a couple videos and some pics. Might help someone else down the road.
I first replaced the connector that was wired to the wiring harness. That wasn't it.
It was the connector that was soldered to the cluster board. I must of had one of the connector that was broken from the solder. I took it out and cleaned it up and soldered back in. Started right up and the dash didn't act up when driving.
I will be buying a used cluster to switch out the stepper motors for the tach and speedometer.
I know I had to buy a scanner so I can find about the air bag. And have the tire sensors programmed.
Someone had the dash apart before because they put a piece of electrical tape over the airbag light. It never came on before. Now I know why. Dumbas* people..[boxface]




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